Engagement Gift For Him Is A Lovely Gesture



According to engagement party etiquette there is no need to send gifts to NZ. However, many guests desire to congratulate the couple and bring gifts, which is a lovely gesture. If you are not able to attend then send a card.

If the engagement is of a male friend or colleague then it is necessary to determine your budget and the closeness of your relationship. You can buy your brother a camping gear, if he is interested in outdoor activities. It is very expensive, but appreciable. However, you cannot show this level of extravagance towards a colleague.

Below is a list of engagement gift ideas in NZ, but select one that suits your to-be fiancé or friend or colleagues personality.

For your to-be fiancé

An heirloom – Using an heirloom like family crest or pocket watch as engagement gift is a lovely gesture. It is a significant way to welcome him permanently in your family.

A decanter – Crystal decanters with a name plaque hung around the decanter neck engraved with personalized message are appealing.

Experience day – If he is an outdoor guy, find some adventurous activities that he desires to try. Buy an experience package that includes race car driving, sky diving, hot-air balloon rides.

Little Luxury – If your man loves to puff a fine cigar or sip on cognac then giving him these things is a good idea. If he is a foodie kind pick a hamper and fill all his favorite food items in it with bottle of personalized champagne or wine.

Bar collection – Set a budget and pick things that fit inside. You must be certain of your fiancé’s taste or you will waste hundreds in liquor, he doesn’t like. Adding a set of unique glasses or some kind of cart to hold the starter bar collection is an appealing idea for almost everyone.

For a friend or colleague

Toasting flutes – If you know your friend’s style purchase toasting flutes, which can be used on their wedding day

Cheesy couple items – You can pick bride and groom baseball caps, his or her mugs, Mr. and Mrs. Beer cozies, cutesy pillow cases from online stores.

Offer labor services – Engagement party is the best time to provide labor services for the wedding as gift. If you make cakes, give them discount. If you are in flower arrangements or can create paper products then help out. If you have no skills then run errands to collect things.

Dance lessons – before getting hitched many couples take dance lessons. Your friend may not have the knack for dancing and giving this gift can prepare him for the big day.


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