Changing Your Lifestyle To A Cleaner One



We live in a world where the most popular types of food are pre made, processed food that is easy to eat and lacks nutrition however, modern lifestyles are so busy and fast paced that many young people do not have the opportunity to cook their meals for themselves in the morning and therefore they rely solely on the food available at these big chain restaurants that are laced with chemicals and preservatives. Apart from the lack of nutrition, it has been proven time and time again that animal food is extremely unhealthy, disease causing, packed with hormones and dangerous chemicals and of course, the worst thing for the environment. The solution of course is to switch to a primary raw, whole foods plant based diet. Although many people may think this switch is extremely difficult, the truth is, it is not. All it takes is knowledge about where to shop, what to eat and where to eat to make a vegan or plant based lifestyle one of the easiest, cleanest and healthiest lifestyles in the world.

Managing your food on a full time job

It can be rather difficult to manage your daily meals whiledoing a full time job but the key is to prepare easy to make, easy to eat meals that you can store in the fridge for a day or two to make your life easier. You can even eat a raw salad and or make yourself some smoothies with some added super powders for smoothies. This will ensure that you get the nutrients that you need to sustain yourself and live a healthier life.

There are also green powders that you can buy in the market to make your life even easier. Therefore, if you do not have time to buy fresh greens, wash them, clean them and cut them up for a smoothie, you can simply add the powder to a soy milk drink and consume it, giving you all the nutrients that you need.

The key to managing a healthy lifestyle is to eat a big home cooked vegan meal whenever you have the time and then manage on quick meals during other times, this will balance out your nutrients. Of course, you can always make a quick meal even more nutritious by adding in some sesame seeds, some vegan protein supplement powders or some nutritional yeast to make your food a lot more nourishing. In addition to this, you will find hundreds of amazing plant based recipes on the internet that you can use.