Play Football Safely And Enjoy The Game

Is your child is a football maniac? Does he love to play football all the time? Football is not only a great game, but it also keeps the body fit and fine, since it involves a lot of running. If you are a follower of this game then you must have noticed that the players look a bit bulky. This is so because they wear protective paddings for the safety of their body. There are a lot of chances to get injured in this game. So below here is a list containing the essentials needed for playing football.

• Helmet- it is one of the most important accessories in football and it is mandatory too. Jaw pads can also be worn which will be attached to the helmet’s bottom providing protection from concussions. The helmet will remain attached to the head with the help of a chinstrap. It will actually prevent the helmet from falling down from head while running. With the advancement in technology, the latest helmet designs have reduced the number of concussions.

• Soccer balls- Soccer balls come in various types, sizes and materials. Some of them are professional match balls, futsal balls and indoor balls. Branded balls, like sherrin football, are perfect for playing the game in the spirit of AFL.

According to the Australian rules of football and Australian football league, sherrin football is a must. Hence you should not forget to buy this ball for your football crazy kid or for you!

• Shoulder pads- these pads basically do the work of absorbing shock when you are being hit. Along with this, it also reduces considerably the risk of getting injured on shoulders. It comes in different sizes which depend on the playing position. Quarterbacks are smaller as well as lighter shoulder pads so that the throwing motion does not get affected, whereas line backers and defensive ends tend to have lager shoulder pads to protect them from continuous impact.

• Leg and waist pads- Along with the upper body, the lower body also needs protection. Even in school or college level football, you will be made to wear both the hip and leg pads, including thigh, hip, tailbone and knee pads. These are all either put in the football pants itself or you need to wear a sports girdle under your football pants. Add to these, though it is not always necessary, players should wear a cup in order to protect their groin from injury while playing.

• Shoes- These are special foot wears available for the football or soccer players. Shoes like turf shoes, cleats are made for football exclusively. These shoes provide better grip on grass increasing the ability of the player to be on their feet. These kinds of footwear are also efficient in providing protection from being stepped on. Older players are generally made to wear cleats with plastic or metal tips. There are three types of football cleats- high, mid and low-cut. High cuts support the ankle, whereas mid-cut cleats not only provide ankle support but it also eases the mobility of the ankle. Low-cuts on the other hand allow fast mobility because of its light weight.